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    About us
    About Sungening

    The company, which is an innovative pharmaceutical high-tech enterprise integrating drug research, manufacture and sales, was established in December 2008 and awarded the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”.

    We have the entire industrial chain layout, which including new drug research, drug reference standard materials, chiral molecule segregate, small molecule, key intermediates, APIs and drug import and export.

    We respects talents, values performance, and continues to innovate.

    The R&D team is led by a number of “Peacock talents” and joined with several external scientists. The R&D technology and innovation environment are industry-leading.

    Reward employees, partners, and society is our responsibility, and “Improve Pharmaceutical quality, Protect human health” is our corporate vision.

    Corporate vision

    Improve Pharmaceutical quality

    Protect human health


    Mr. Shenghong Huang

    Mr. Shenghong Huang

    The chairman of the board is responsible for the company’s strategy plan , business policy, annual plan and major issues in daily operations, and also responsible for external relations.


    Mr. Renchong Yao

    Mr. Renchong Yao

    Chief of Executive director, presides over the company’s internal operation and management, participates in the company’s major strategic decisions, and assists the chairman in implementing strategic planning.

    Head of Sungening Investment Development Center, which is an all-staff shareholding fund.


    Dr. Fanglin Li

    Dr. Fanglin Li

    Member of Board, comprehensively presides over the management of the R&D Dept. and participates in major strategic decisions of the company.


    Leader Team
    (Founder and President)

    Mr. Shenghong Huang

    (Founder and President)

    Mr. Huang, who is responsible for the company’s overall strategic planning, direction and management, has a keen business sense and global vision. He worked in well-known European listed companies and has excellent corporate operation capabilities.

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Application; Entrepreneurship tutor of School of Pharmacy, SYSU (Shenzhen)


    (Executive Vice President)

    Mr. Renchong Yao

    (Executive Vice President)

    Mr. Yao, assists the company’s strategic layout and is responsible for the implementation of the company’s various business plans. He has rigorous logical thinking and management capabilities and is fully responsible for the company’s operational management, including marketing, sales, and supply chain.

    Education: Graduated from GDPU with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.


    (CTO of R

    Dr. Fanglin Li

    (CTO of R&D, Head of Medicinal Chemistry)

    Dr. Li, Shenzhen “Peacock Project” talent, with more than ten years of R&D experience in China and abroad. Professional in organic synthesis and drug design. His main research direction is nucleoside and carbohydrate chemicals, research on the synthesis of substances and the antiviral/anticancer of active molecules. He has designed and synthesized multiple nucleoside active molecules with good antiviral activity and is currently undergoing clinical research.

    Education: Graduated from the CUHK, Study under Chinese Academician Dr. Cheng Gongming, and received a PhD in Chemistry.


    (head of biochemistry and overseas business)

    Dr. Dongmei He

    (head of biochemistry and overseas business)

    Dr. He, Shenzhen “Peacock Project” talent, the main research direction is microbial and enzyme engineering, fermentation and cell cultivate. She has rich research experience in the field of microbiology and chemistry.

    Education: Graduated from the City University of Hongkong, Study under Dr. István T. Horváth, and received a PhD in Chemistry.


    Consultant team
    (Scientist Consultant)

    Dr. Yingfu Li

    (Scientist Consultant)

    Dr. Li, expert of the “Thousand Talents Program” of Sichuan Province, has a keen international vision, closely tracking the development and changes of the international pharmaceutical industry and technological innovation. He has more than 20 years of drug development and management experience in well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. He is currently the chairman and president of Chengdu Hyperway.

    Dr. Li is the chief scientist who has been engaged in the R&D of new drugs for more than ten years at both Bayer’s German headquarters drug research center, Japanese research center and American research center. He is the first inventor and project chief of two clinical drug candidates of Bayer. After return to China, he successively postioned as the general manager and group vice president of Chempartner Group, and the President of the Institute of Drug Research of Chengdu Brilliant Pharmaceuticals.


  • Donate Personal protective Equipment to local hospital, which have been highly praised by local government;

     Participate in the development and supply of anti-COVID-19 drugs and related impurities;

    Formally devoted to the field of new drug research, focusing on fungal infections, inflammation and antiviruses, anticancer, autoimmune diseases. Research in potential first-in-class product.

    Achieve “industry-university-research” cooperation with the CUHK (Shenzhen), GDPU and many other universities, scientific research institutions to establish an internship base.

  • The company carried out a phased sharehold reform and took a firm step towards to scientific division of labor, team assistance and marketization.

    Obtained exclusive agent authorization of many global well-known API companies such as Indena, Biocon and others.

    Have made major breakthroughs in analytical preparation center and chiral separation technology to solve the frontier needs;

    The party branch of Shenzhen Sungening Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was formally established.

    Reached deep strategic cooperation with Hyperway Pharmaceutical to jointly establish a factory, planning in the chinese superior API and intermediate;

    mutiple national technical standards have been approved.

  • The US branch was established ,  

    Start  international trade business and API import and export business;

    Become a supplier of standard materials for the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and European Pharmacopoeia (EP);

    Establish a community with a shared future for the company and an employee stock ownership fund—Shenzhen Sungening Investment Development Center.

    Lead in the business philosophy of advanced European and American companies to reshape the company’s institutional system and culture.

  • Acquire the GSP certificate, have the qualification for drug business license, and deploy the drug circulation business.

    Pass the national high-tech enterprise certification.

    The R&D center passed the national ISO9001 certification.

    The school-enterprise internship base was established with the School of Pharmacy, SYSU (Shenzhen), and the corporate scholarship was formally established.

  • Become a supplier of standard materials for China Pharmaceutical Inspection (CP).

    Reached an “industry-university-research” cooperation agreement with ZHCOJLU.

    Cooperated with SPU to establish a school-enterprise internship base.

  • The drug research and development center was formally established, and many outstanding scientific researchers joined;

    The scientific research team consists of 4 high-level talents in the Shenzhen “Peacock Project” and more than 30 R&D team members. More than 20 related invention patents have been obtained.

  • Settled in the national technology business incubator-Shenzhen Overseas Chinese (Longgang) Pioneer Park, the company entered a period of rapid development.

  • The company was established to enter the pharmaceutical impurity standard product industry. In the development and exploration, the company continues to accumulate industry accumulation and resource accumulation in order to provide customers with better services.